Alex Youth Health Bus Launch and Alberta Premier Alison Redford


The Alex Youth Health Bus:

Premier Alison Redford Keynote Speaker

The above slideshow includes a few photos that  I took of Premier Alison Redford Michelle Massicotte and The Alex Youth Health Bus Launch. It was a neat experience to photograph the premier, but it was also great  to attend the launch of the new youth health bus.

The Alex health bus is a mobile health unit which seeks to remove barriers to health care by providing direct services, education and advocacy free of charge.

The Alex youth health bus specifically targets youth who have difficulty accessing health care.

Services Include:

  • Health education assessment and treatment
  • STI testing, pregnancy tests, prenatal care and other serivces as needed.
  • The bus staff use a holistic approach to provide physical, emotional and psychological support to Calgary youth
I believe in the work that The Alex does and believe that we need more innovative programs like The Alex. For more information go to:


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