How to Lose 20 lbs in 15 minutes… With Photoshop!

Using Photoshop to Slim Down

Like many, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight. But losing weight is hard work! So when all else fails, why not turn to Photoshop! No more muffin top, thunder thighs or back fat hanging out of that dress. Here’s how I did it:

I used Photoshop Cs4. The latest edition, Photoshop CS5 Extended¬†retails for $746.99 CND but is currently on sale for $649.31, or if you are a student or teacher, take advantage of the sweet discount and buy the Photoshop CS5 Extended Student & Teacher Edition¬†for $227.94 but currently on sale for $189.00! I purchased my Photoshop Edition as a student and I’m so glad that I did, saving me hundreds of dollars for a program that I use almost daily! While I have not personally attempted the liquify process with Adobe Elements 10, it is possible to do this action in this program as well. And with a price tag of $94.99CND but currently on sale for $73.42, this is a much more pocket-friendly option.

So let’s get down to business!

The Liquify Tool

Using the LIQUIFY tool (Filters-Liquify) I dragged my cursor around the edges of the undesirable parts of my body (note that jogging pants do nothing to accentuate any parts of the body!) The liquify tool will open in a new window. As you drag the cursor along curves of your body, you’ll notice how the liquify tool will drag parts of the photo in the direction that you want. In this particular photo, I had complicated background and the photo required a bunch of touch-ups. I used the Patch Tool (on the sidebar) and the clone tool (also on the side bar). There are many tutorials on how to use these tools correctly and something that I will cover at a later date. If you are pulling the curves from a picture with a solid background, you may be able to get away with just blurring the liquified edges so that they blend in.

So here’s the final result, a fun photo of me working the slack-line, but looking a lot trimmer while doing it!




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