How to Make a Standout Twitter Profile Picture

I never understood the purpose of Twitter until recently. I was a Facebook girl through and through. Why would anyone need Twitter, when you have status updates on Facebook and SO much more! But as I did my research and understood the value of Twitter from a marketing perspective, I realized that this was a club that I needed to join!

So after a few weeks of testing the waters, I have decided to embrace Twitter whole-heartedly. First things first, I decide that I needed to create a STANDOUT Twitter profile picture. Here’s my attempt and the 10 Step process:















Step One: Find a Free Brick Texture online (simple google)

Step Two: Cropped Brick Photo at 4×4 inches

Step Three: Inserted my photo onto the brick backdrop (4×3 inch crop)

Step Four: Played with Photoshop Plugin Filters: Artistic: Plastic Wrap

Step Five: Flattened image and saved as jpeg

Step Six: Dragged another copy of the Brick Texture over the photo, decreased its opacity to desired affect.

Step Seven: Used the History Brush to bring back the details of my face.

Step Eight: Created a Drop Shadow in layers and went to Edit: Stroke to create a border around the “poster”

Step Nine: Using Photoshop selector tool, cut out and dragged the “Couple Under Umbrella” onto my canvas, resized and positioned.

Step Ten: Used Rad Lab Filters to create the final touch ups.


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