Making A Custom Twitter Background

Creating a Custom Twitter Background

Yesterday I attempted to make a unique, standout Twitter profile picture. Today I decided to tackle making a custom Twitter Backdrop. Here’s a screenshot of my Twitter profile page:

 Creating my own custom background proved harder than expected, as I didn’t clue in until much later in the process, that the size of the computer monitor will affect how a Twitter page appears (i.e. since I was creating my custom background on my 27″ screen, the backdrop I created with the suggested pixel size found online, didn’t look quite right when I dragged the page to fit my monitor (i.e. My  custom Twitter profile page didn’t fill the entire screen and instead transitioned to the default Twitter backdrop which looks strange). However, if you follow the directions listed at Musings of a Housewife, you should nail the right size for the average computer monitor. She suggests the four following steps:

1.) Create a new document that is 2048 pixels wide by 700 pixels tall.

2.) Start your content below the 83 pixels mark so the Twitter logo will not cover up your content.

3.) Create a box for your content that is 200 pixels wide by 500 pixels high.

4.) Inside your text box, put your photo (if you desire) and whatever information you want to share with potential and current followers.


In addition to creating my sidebar menu on the left using my Photoshop skills (Check out to learn how to create layers in Photoshop if you don’t know how), I used Jessica Drossin’s Textures (Starlet) for the backdrop. As a sidenote, I use Jessica’s textures for editing some of my photos– they are well-done and affordable!

So that’s my final Twitter profile. What do you think? Are you interested in creating your own custom Twitter profile page? If so, and if you need direction, feel free to Tweet me, Facebook message me or e-mail me.


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