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Photography Workshop

It was January 2003 when I purchased my first SLR camera; That was just before digital cameras made their way onto the market. I started off shooting 35mm film, using primarily automatic settings before transitioning into using slide film and utilizing some of the semi-manual settings. I started to understand a bit more about how the camera worked. By the time I purchase my first digital camera, I had a good grasp on the basics of photography. However, the digital camera offered me a few things that my 35mm camera couldn’t. For starters, I didn’t have to worry about the cost of slide film or running out of film (even though it is possible to run out of memory, it’s an easier problem to rectify by discarding throw-a-way shots). Secondly, digital allowed me to exam my images and play around with the settings with instant feedback on the viewer and with feedback from the histogram. This propelled my photographic learning even further.

Through the process of learning, I asked questions to my photographer friends, read some books, watch some tutorials, but mostly learned a lot through trial and error and A LOT of photographing. I believe that one thing that helped propel my photography was living abroad and travelling. A few of my friends living abroad were also photographers and after our trips each of us would present a slideshow to a group of friends. This was great motivation to bring back exciting images! As I transitioned back to Canada, numerous opportunities presented themselves that continued to drive my desire to photograph. Eventually I transitioned from hobby photographer to “professional” photographer, starting my own business. Interestingly enough, most of my journey in learning has been self-taught.

This weekend I decided to take my photography to the next step and looked to the guidance of a more experienced photographer. I signed up for my first photography workshop: The Evolution Photo Workshop with Kurtis Kristianson (who, by the way, will be conducting his last Evolution in May and still has a few spots available!)

On day two of the workshop we went to Drumheller. We were encouraged to practice our photography outside in the open shade, but after shooting for a while I decided that I wanted to try getting some shots inside an old church.

The accompanying photo is one of my favourite shots from the weekend. I like the way the light spills onto the floor, the dark looming clouds in the window and the model’s pensive look.

I learned a lot this weekend and am excited to bring some new skills to my photography kit.

More photos to come!



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