Milk River Canoe Trip


Milk River Canoe Trip:

Writing on Stone Provincial Park Photographs

This past weekend I went canoeing on the Milk River as a leader/Volunteer with Pneuma, an organization that takes guests from the Mustard Seed and the Dream Centre on outdoor excursions. Over the last year and a half I’ve volunteered on Pneuma’s leadership team and have been involved with numerous outdoor events and trips in addition to canoeing, including backpacking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, hiking and bonfires. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to hear back from the participants about the fun, learning and growing they’ve had through participating in various events.

On this weekend’s canoe trip, I had an opportunity to take a few photographs along the way. Due to the fact that they are a few rapids and rocks, I was unable to take out my camera as often as I would like, as there is always the fear of tipping in the canoe and destroying my camera. Fortunately, however, near the end of the trip the river became more calm and allowed for a photographic moments. What was even more fortunate, was that a storm rolled in, providing a dramatic sky. The unfortunate, or perhaps I should say, adventurous moment occurred when the storm caught up with us. The sky quickly became dark and the winds and rain came in so strongly, that the canoe pointed horizontally. Even with my corrective “sweep” stroke, I was unable to keep the canoe straight. I had to shout at my new-to-canoeing partner, to “Draw!” “Draw!” We made it safely to shore, but soaked from head to toe with a canoe full of water. It was a real adventure that left me laughing from the strength of it. Adventure lifts me up!

The photographs of the pictograms and hoodoos where taken as we entered “Writing on Stone” Provincial Park.

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