An Era-Themed Wedding Photoshoot

Its 2012, but how fun is it to photographed an era-themed wedding? Lots of fun! But admittedly, its a bit more challenging to photograph in dimly lit rooms on a tight schedule in a hotel catering to other guests as well. Thankfully, I think I succeeded in capturing the mood, an important factor when creating a photographic image.

I was asked to photograph a few formal photos of a wedding party as part of my “Lifestyle Package.” Typically when a couple contacts me for wedding photos, it involves full day coverage. In this case, the couple didn’t hire a wedding photographer and was looking for a few indoor shots at the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the era-themed dress of the bridal party that suited the antique decor of the Palliser’s lobby and Oval room.

These are a few of the photos captured. What do you think?


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