iPhone 5 Photography: Fall Mountain Photos

iphone 5 Photography

Ever since I purchased the iphone 5 about a week ago, I was excited to have a new “point-and-shoot” camera. My old camera phone had no flash and very low resolution; The only thing that it was good for was to take Instagram snapshots that I could post on Facebook. With the purchase of the iphone 5, I thought that it might allow me to take decent snapshots on the few occasions that I don’t have my SLR camera with me.

This past weekend I went to Whiteswan Provincial Park. Of course I brought my SLR along; I wouldn’t be stupid enough to go on a camping trip to a beautiful location without my camera! I would, however, be stupid enough to lock it in the campervan overnight and not consider the fact that I might be awake long before the van’s inhabitants and be unable to access my camera in the morning!

Due to the fact that I arrived late at night, I was unaware that I was camping next to a lake, mountains and autumn colours. When I awoke, I was amazed at the breath-taking scenery and immediately wanted to take a picture!

Thank God for my iphone 5!

iphone 5 Panoramic and HDR Settings

Without access to my digital SLR, I tested out my iphone 5, including the HDR and Panoramic in-camera options. My digital SLR doesn’t have these settings, so it was a fun to try something different. I was extremely impressed with both the panoramic and HDR options. The panoramic view was able to capture a wide angle perspective, while the HDR capacity allowed me to to capture many of the contrasting fall colours. By selecting a mid-tone on my screen’s image, I was able to pick up both high-lights and low-lights to provide more image detail.

iphone 5 Verdict

Pictured above are three iphone 5 images that I captured. For a “point-and-shoot” camera, the iphone 5 fared quite well. Take a look at the pictures above and decide for yourself! Of course there is no comparison to my Nikon D700 and shooting in RAW verses jpeg. The resolution is much smaller on the iphone 5, so I won’t be able to make any big enlargements. I’m still hitting myself over the head for making such an amateur mistake by not keeping my SLR in my tent. However, I’m a photographer who wants access to some of the best equipement. For the average person, the iphone 5 is capable of capturing some decent snapshots and then some.


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