Calgary Photography Lessons

Calgary Photography Lessons

Christmas Time: The Season of Gift Giving

Christmas is here! Have you bought all of your Christmas gifts yet? If not, read on!

The Perfect Gift

Does your loved one have stuff, stuff and more stuff? When it comes to gift giving, do you find that you have no idea what to get them? It can be difficult to find that perfect gift! How about this Christmas, give the gift of photography!

How Do I use this Function?!

Let’s be honest, how many people open up their camera manual, and if they do, they quickly close it because its too complicated? Instead, they reserve themselves to shooting on auto mode and never get the full benefit of learning how to use their camera’s functions. Many people don’t realize that with a little coaching, even a point-and-shoot camera can take breath-taking shots. But first, you need to learn how to use it!

Let’s Make You Look Pretty!

The best gifts are always the ones that benefit you as well! If you are sick and tired of having your head chopped off by your loved one (photographically speaking!), looking like a ghost due to heavy flash, or are tired of being a small unrecognizable speck in the picture, this is the perfect gift for you to give! Have your loved one learn how to properly frame, compose and light their photographic subjects, making you look “pretty” the next time that they capture you on digital film.

The Investment

For $50, buy 1 One Hour Photography Lessons. Eye:58 Photography will e-mail you a 4×6 gift certificate that you can print on photo paper at your local photo lab (suggested) or on your personal printer. You may add additional lessons at a cost of $50 per lesson.

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